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Freelance translator and proof-reader since 1998 : I translate from ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN and SPANISH ONLY into ITALIAN.

My fields: humanities, marketing, IT, legal, human rights, journalism/media, multimedia, tourism, subtitling, technical, adaptation and localisation. I can use many CAT TOOLS like OmegaT, SDLX, Dèjàvu, Across and Trados. I am keen in Internet searches techniques and Boolean variables.

During these last years I dealt with many international companies. Here below, you can browse a list of the major projects I have worked in. As direct client, in Dec ’06, I acquired Microsoft Ireland and signed a contract for the localisation of their videogames and up to now I have translated/Localised Kingdom Under Fire, SceneIT, PGR4, Ninja gaiden...

I recently worked on another videogame project titled "catz and dogs", published by Ubisoft.

Other recent experiences include:

• Automotive guides for a Dutch client - English into Italian
• Around 100 pages from English into Italian, each month (cooperation lasted from nov 2006 till may 2007) of city guides for an online booking service, based in Amsterdam
• Glossary about art/antiques, from French into Italian
• Documents related to the "Venice Biennale" from English/Dutch into Italian
• Medicine and marketing texts, from German into Italian
• Legal, communication and tourism related texts from French into Italian
• 250.000 words from English into Italian - turbine manuals
• QA tester for videogames, and localizer EN>IT : Dead or alive, volleyball 2, Viva Pinata…
• Proofreader for a tourist guide about Luxury Hotels in the world, German into Italian
• Proof-reader/translator for subtitling projects from English into Italian, just to mention a few:
X-country documentary
Queens logic
Scars of Dracula
Heavens Above
Poltergeist (TV series)
Fun With Dick and Jane (2005)
Planet Of The Apes (TV)
I Dream Of Jeannie S1 (Colorized Version)
• Translation of a pulse-oximeter manual – medical devices - (German into Italian)
Translation of several manuals – electronics - (German into Italian)
• Localisation of an ERP Help-file (English into Italian)
• Continuous translations in the field of marketing/fashion/press/literature (English into Italian) and quality tester for the Italian language Main project with this client: translation and adaptation for a fashion magazine.(English into Italian)
• Translation of newsletters (English into Italian)
• Translation of press-releases (Italian into English)
• Translation of financial and marketing presentations for an international IT corporation – English into Italian
• Translation of DVD manuals - (English and Spanish into Italian)
• Translation of the children book “Salvatore der Medifant"– by Elfie Donnelly & Paul Aratò- from German into Italian
• English into Italian professional fashion designers 'stuff (bags, jewellery, clothing) from advert to press, conferences, newsletters.
• English into Italian – huge project about plastics engineering
• German into Italian press release newsletters (car, fashion, motorbikes)
• Translator for several projects - weekly cooperation lasted for almost 2 yrs- legal field (contracts, agreements, auditing) marketing, sport, humanities, manuals (audio/video, machinery), electronics, health science.
• Proof-reader and translator for marketing, creative and advertising related texts – English into Italian
• Translator of an history related e-book - from German into French (text about women and their legal rights during Roman’ time) – Of course the text went to proof-reading before delivering
• Cooperation to the creation of an online dictionary English-Italian, full with idioms and puns.
• 3 months in-house translator in Spain (projects in social economical field, terminology related to economic, statistics, enquiries and studies about European projects and professional strategy). Still cooperating with the same agency for translations from French, Spanish into Italian.
• Volunteer Translator for 2 social policies volumes – NGO regulations
• Translated a database (from Italian into English) for the virtual version of an Italian national magazine
• Transcribing activity (French into Italian) – I don’t do it anymore!
• Translator and technical editor for a science journal
• Translator for brochures, tourism guides from French into Italian

I also work as cultural consultant for the communication world. I analyse international ad-plugs to be launched on the Italian market, while observing/noticing all possible cultural/anthropological differences, suggesting the cogency degree on the local audience.

Teaching experience

• Online course writer and distance learning tutor: created a course titled “Italian for the tourist” – 10 lessons, with live tutoring (

Abroad experiences linked with translation

• 1 year in Germany (Dresden) as junior manager: I had to coordinate European projects, to organise cultural meetings, exhibitions, seminars, translations, interpreting, web-design…
• 3 months as Interpreter in Geiranger, Norway
• 3 months as in-house translator in Barcelona, Spain
• Long stays in the UK, France and Luxembourg


• MA in Translation – University of the West of England - Bristol - UK
• German terminology course in IT, Technique, Economy, Media and Psychology branches - Goethe Institute – Germany
• Postgraduate certificate in Technical Translation and electronic tools – University of Rovira i Virgili - Spain
• Postgraduate certificate in editing and revising technical texts in English – University of Rovira i Virgili – Spain
• 80 ECT in audio-visual multimedia communication technology – University of Ferrara - Italy -
• 3 months Spanish language crash course – University of Barcelona - Spain
• Certificate in English for journalism – London school of journalism – UK
• Postgraduate certificate in human rights- Co-operation between the University of Loja ( Ecuador) and Prodevir (Argentina)
• German language crash course: one year at the TUDIAS - Dresden – Germany
• Certificate in web mastering – Dresden - Germany
• 2 years English and Russian literatures and languages degree at the university of Verona – Italy
• High school leave as Expert in foreign languages (English and French) for business – Italy

Foreign languages:

Italian: native
English: very good
Spanish: very good
German: good
French: very good
Dutch basic/good passive
Russian: basic


Trados 7
Multiterm Desktop 7

Few proprietary subtitling software – depends on clients’ requests + PDF professional, PDF2Words, Anycount…
I have a broad knowledge of web mastering and design: Dreamweaver and Photoshop are my favourite.


Of course foreign languages, foreign cultures, travels, music and swimming.

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